Was it always a problem to find a vacation spot that satisfies all members of the family? This realisation gave us the idea to create a family vacation where the kids can feel good and completely safe while parents don’t have to spend their whole holiday babysitting either.

Parents with little and a bit older children can rest because there are fun, interesting and educating activities for all ages from half a year old to young teens.

A well-equipped playroom is waiting for the toddlers and preshoolers where trained animators engage them. For the little bit older ones theres the Jungle-House and the ’KRESZ’ (highway code) Course where they can have fun. If the kids would rather play outdoors they can try anything they can slide, climb or hang from on the playground.

Picky eaters is a common probem in families with young children. This is not an issue with us though since our apartments have kitchens so you can decide what goes on the dining table.