Not only we, but the region is also happy to see you around!

The Lake Velence region is packed with cultural and natural attractions. We collected the places you shouldn’t miss when you are around.

If you value beautiful architecture you will absolutely love Count Wickenburg’s palace, the beautifully reconditioned Beck Palace or the Weichem Palace which operates as a library nowadays. There’s also the Bod László Gallery which will be adored by the music lovers as well as art enthusiasts.

Velence Corso

The Gate of Lake Velence and the Velence Corso are becoming such social spaces where the balance between shopping and entertainment, work and resting comes true and where families, friends and business partners can gain shared experiences.

This project resulted in the renewal of the southern part of Velence. In addition to the charm of nature and Lake Velence there are many tourist attractions and services. Also several high quality programmes are held in Velence Corso.

The Gate of Lake Velence is a well-designed, unique and multidimensional centre which was created to meet the needs of the locals and tourists.

Few details:

  • 3500 sqm sandy free beach
  • 5500 sqm service facility
  • 2735 sqm shop area

This trading, entertaining and tourist centre offers the essence of a city centre, a social and event centre, a promenade, a service facility and a high quality free beach with recreational spaces in one.

Our highlighted attention is dedicated to improve the cultural life of this area. We are planning to ensure forums to the well-known and appreciated individuals of the cultural life of our country, which can contribute to the development of the social-intellectual life in Velence.

Walk through the thematic walkway in Gárdony which starts at road 7 and shows you all the main attractions of the city including the birthplace of Géza Gárdonyi. The walkway ends at the log castle built on the model of the castle of Eger. If you wish to visit a spa you should try the 58 C° healing water in Gárdony, especially if you have a locomotive or gynecological disorder.

Don’t miss the Pákozd-Sukoró Arboretum. The 96 hectares territory with 250 tree and shrub species and plenty of endangered flowers makes a gorgeous landscape at all times of the year. The country museum gives inspection in the cultural history and the economic geography of the surroundings and there’s also a fishing exhibition. If you are interested in history and you are not in a rush, visit the Bronze Age earthwork or the Museum of the Pákozd-Sukoró Battle. We recommend the Lake Velence Bird Sanctuary and protected landscape area for the nature lovers.

If you only have a short hour, take a stroll on the lovely streets of the king’s city and have a coffee in one of the cozy cafes. If you have time, get lost in the rich history of the region. The medieval ruins, the remains of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the lovely and gothic St. Anna’s Chapel, the Episcopal Palace, The Arpad Era royal tombs and the King Saint Stephen and Black Eagle Museums are all waiting for you.

The Hetedhet Toy Museum in Hiemer House is highly recommended for families with kids or all those adults who are still kids at heart. There are also the Carmelite Church, the Flower clock, the romantic Bory-castle, the Kégl-Palace, the István Csók Gallery or the Ybl-collecton and these are just a few of the plenty of attractions of the Székesfehérvár region.

If you are more the nature lover-type you should visit the Székesfehérvár Sand Quarry Protected Landscape Area, the Dinnyési-Fertő Protected Landscape Area and the Asztal- and Jancsár-alleys, because of their rich flora and fauna.

Kápolnásnyék’s main attraction is the Mihály Vörösmarty Merorial Museum which is not away from his birth house. This same place you can have peek into the history of the smith profession in the smith museum. If you like buildings where time has stopped, don’t miss the classicist Fisherman’s Palace.

The castle of Csókakő is within a 45 minutes drive from Velence and it surprises all those who like history, with an amusing time travel.

Dinnyés Churchyard Heritage Tourist Centre is highly recommended to those who like handmade products. If you have time also visit the Fort Park which introduces the small scale replica of 18 medieval Hungarian ruin castles based on reconstructional plans, built from their original substance.