If your wosrt fear is laying in a deckchair and you can’t just walk around aimlessly even on a date then you must imagine spending the summer actively. But why would that be a problem?

We can find an activity even for the most lively person from table tennis through biking to all kinds of ground and water sports. If you wanna feel like flying you must visit the wakeboard course not far away or even try kitesurfing in case of favourable wind.

Lake Velence is a real paradise for fishing enthusiasts but we offer a full recreation if you want go kayaking, dragon boating or just for a hearty walk to get to know the surroundings. Have you ever been to the log castle in Gárdony or the fort park in Dinnyés for example? Get to know the history of the Halász family’s castle in Dabas or the birdwatchers retreat of Agárd and numerous other attractions.

Do you have a pair of comfy hiking boots in your bag? Then head to the Velence Hills! Don’t miss the Rocking stone Natural Conservation Area of Pakozd, the Angelika-Spring, the wonderful memorial of the Pákozd battle and the Elder-valley. Walk 10 km in one of the most beautiful ladscapes of Hungary.